About Me

I was born in Dublin on July 6, 1957 and went to Catholic University School there. I stole my grandmother's camera when I was six and spent my summers taking photos with no film in the camera. I would lie on the grass under the apple trees and frame the boughs til I had them just right,then click and I had a picture in my mind.

I think this helped me train my eye and imagination for the future. I spent my summers in Kilkee, County Clare on the west coast of Ireland where I got my love of the sea and coastal life, from the wild Atlantic to the Gulf of Mexico. I arrived in Key West in 1996 and still use water and island life as a big part of my photography.

I like to invite the viewer into the image with use of line and composition. Also simplicity works well for me as it is much easier to convey the emotion I felt while taking the photo. I hope you enjoy my artwork for many years to come



Tony Scullin

PS: my grandmother later gave me the camera, thank you Deila

You can find my work in Key West at:The Booth 310 Duval St.

In Miami at: Art Fusion, 1NE 40th St, Miami, FL 33137




phone # 1.305.849.3114

tony @ tonyscullin.com